Marcia Weiss and Carl Schneider offer on-going groups on topics such as career  development , relationships & self esteem and writing issues.  For more information contact Marcia or Carl.

Job Hunters Group

Find Work You Like Faster through the Job Hunter’s Group

Even in a recession: there are still jobs. You need to learn how and where to find them. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No. Changes Career Services teaches you effective job hunt skills – without taxing your budget. Changes Career Services’ Job Hunters’ Grouptrains professionals in the fundamental aspects of job hunting. It also teaches you interpersonal skills and behavioral strategies for tough situations (like job interviews). Reduce time spent unemployed. Learn (or polish) the skills you need to be successful in your job hunt.

As a member of the group, you will be able to:

  • Identify and clearly articulate your accomplishments and value
  • Develop or sharpen your job hunt skills
  • Develop a positive job hunt attitude
  • Learn to network and interview effectively
  • Research potential employers and target company’s needs
  • Prepare a solid resume
  • Improve how you come across
  • Decrease anxiety in interviews and in general

The group will give you much necessary support and feedback and will help you and your family:

  • Reduce stress
  • Build morale & momentum
  • Deal with family, friends and children

For more information, please contact Carl Schneider at 617.721.7685 or email and please visit


The Writing Practice

Turn your creative writing dreams into reality through The Writer’s Group.

The Writer’s Group helps writers

  • understand and overcome the limitations on your work stemming from personal issues
  • hone healthy, productive attitudes and practices that support your writing
  • overcome writing and self promotion blocks
  • reduce perfectionism and procrastination
  • quiet the hyper-critic in your head
  • develop a writer’s identity
  • build self esteem and confidence in self expression
  • enhance your capacity for ‘flow’
  • strengthen motivation and gain momentum
  • enjoy the support and cameraderie of fellow writers
  • enhance your interpersonal communication style

Writers learn and practice implementing new ideas and attitudes to get beyond archaic, though cherished, beliefs that interfere with creative expression, motivation and investment in the writing process.

Writers at all levels and from all genres welcomed.

The Writer’s Group is part of the Successful Muse Program.

For more information, please contact Marcia Weiss at 617.868.0660 or e-mail and please visit