Anger Management Classes

Anger Management Classes Flyer

Does anger scare you?

Do you sometimes “go overboard” in your reactions?

Do you have trouble expressing your needs when you’re irritated?

Many people learn that “getting angry” is bad and try (unsuccessfully) to avoid it. But how can we handle anger effectively when people or events annoy us? Through Anger Management class, you’ll learn to

  • understand your reactions to day-to-day events,
  • identify your hurt, anger and other feelings,
  • separate angry feelings from angry behavior and
  • understand the sources of anger.
  • learn how you express your anger and
  • how your anger affects others.

Try out new approaches to anger management and develop a more effective style that supports your relationships, reduces hurt, and promotes collaborative problem solving. Develop the skills for successful work and love relationships.

Here’s what some former Anger Management students said about the class:

“An easy, comfortable learning experience.”

“Surprisingly informative and insightful.”

“Calm, relaxing environment to talk about issues; sharing feedback with each other.”

“It was good to listen to other people telling about their anger. You feel like you’re not the only one who is angry.”

“Very thought provoking in terms of components of anger. (I) learned that arguing and fighting comes from feeling weak even though I am strong – If I tap into feeling strong that I won’t need to argue. It would help everyone. It’s a very positive experience. It was fun. There is so much to learn.”

“A great, productive way to learn more about your anger and ultimately your self.”

“I felt the class really opened my eyes about self awareness (and) about …(understanding) what I am really angry about.”

New Anger Management class beginning after Labor Day 2014. Contact us now to reserve your spot.

To sign up, contact Marcia Weiss at 617.868.0660 or e-mail her at