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Collaborative Psychotherapy also focuses on the needs of:

Leadership and Professional Development

We help executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals with what some might call "coaching", but we think is more accurately called "development". Our approach is to help each individual grow to be able to render high self care as well as to lead others with intelligence, compassion, empathy, and perspective.

We believe the leader, to be valuable, must also be healthy. And health must include the ability to take responsibility, to operate with minimal destructive pride, to engender true self esteem without recourse to neurotic narcissism. She or he must be able to weigh the impact of decisions from a wide variety of perspectives, sometimes referred to as the "triple or quadruple bottom line," which stands for an emphasis on people, profits, the planet, and the workforce. Learn more about our leadership and professional development services on our website Avenues of Change.

"Carl, I've gotten a lot of benefit from working with you and appreciate the feedback, support, and prodding you have given me in learning more about my determinants. The work was hard but useful. Thanks for everything."

—A national business consultant in her 40's

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Creative Artist Development

It's a myth that writers and artists have to suffer and sacrifice for their work. The starving artist syndrome isn't a requirement. Nor are depression and anxiety. They interfere with the creative process and aren’t worth the price you pay.

We love helping creative people find healthy ways to create their art, use creative ways to earn a living, establish fulfilling relationships and build solid self esteem. We help creative people achieve greater and greater potential.

With our work, writers, artists, musicians, and others become happier and more productive. And the more an artist grows as a person, the greater depth she or he brings to the work. Becoming an artist or writer isn’t easy and it takes more than creativity and technique.

As an artist working with us, you'll learn how to:

We have a special interest and many years experience helping writers and artists flower in these and other areas. We offer individual counseling as well as groups, workshops, and seminars to help writers and artists meet their special challenges, needs, and interests. Contact us to explore how we can help you.

Note: In order to respond to the needs and interests of artists working in other media, The Writing Practice has become The Successful Muse.

"The idea that we are 'determined'—that we are made up of multiple sides, both neurotic and healthy—is a construct that has allowed me to make positive change while also reflecting on and analyzing my feelings and behaviors—compassionately."

—An artist in her 30's

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