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Marcia Weiss, Ed.M., BCC

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Marcia Weiss

Psychotherapy from the Therapist's Point of View

Though there are still many misconceptions about psychotherapy, I love clarifying what psychotherapy actually is, and how Carl and I interpret our roles as psychotherapists. Few people truly understand how one person can help another person to change.

For me as a psychotherapist, psychotherapy remains a complex although understandable and non-mysterious endeavor. That doesn't mean it's easy—for either student or therapist. But done well, this process promotes tremendous change and growth over time—even though most of us yearn for a quick, painless cure!

What I Enjoy about the Therapy Process

I enjoy that therapy is an inter-active, collaborative process. It is not a process where I know the answer and you don't. In my job as your therapist, I work, listen, talk, learn, think, feel, consider, propose, formulate, remember, explore, question, observe, teach, and challenge.

I enjoy the people in my practice, and I appreciate developing the important relationships I have with them. It is exciting to teach my students new, life-changing ideas that replace their old self-defeating and problematic thinking and behaviors. I enjoy seeing the results of our work together as I watch my students grow into stronger, healthier people, more adaptive and responsive to life's challenges.


People generally enter therapy in a great deal of pain. Once the work begins, here's what happens in my practice:

So, I hope you will become part of this happy group. I invite you to come in and interview me or Carl so we can help you change, reduce your pain, and make creative changes in your life.

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