Initial Interview at No Charge

Initial Interview

At Collaborative Psychotherapy, we urge you to take a "consumer approach" to finding a psychotherapist. That's why we offer you the opportunity to interview us before you begin working with us.

Though not a therapy session, it is a way to get a feel for your potential therapist and to ask the questions that are important to you—at no charge.

We encourage you to think carefully when seeking a therapist. Although it may be tempting to stop when you are satisfied that a therapist takes your insurance or is located in your neighborhood, there are other factors to consider regarding the quality of the therapy itself, such as:

These are all important areas for you to inquire about. Therapy is elective. There are many different therapists and kinds of therapy to choose from.

Starting therapy as an educated consumer helps set the tone for an active partnership. By interviewing your potential therapist, you begin your relationship positively and thoughtfully, bringing your own judgment and intelligence to the process.

Please check our Events web site periodically for workshops providing information about interviewing prospective psychotherapists.

We hope you will contact us to set up a initial interview no-charge.

"Marcia and Carl suggest how to change things in my life without making it ‘homework.’

"I like the lack of pressure. There's no control battle to fight through. They offer a gentle nurturance that helps me recognize what's in my best interest. It's a very supportive approach."

—A married man in his 50's

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